Welcome to Opus Partners

At Opus, we serve client organizations that are in the vanguard of education, patient care, research, and culture.

When we created our company in 2003, we chose the word “Opus,” Latin for “work,” so that our name would evoke our values – values of skill, focus, and expertise, of professional commitment that creates enduring results.

The multi-dimensional images of pattern and precision on our website visualize the distinction and complexity that characterizes our clients. They also represent the alignment with our clients that we pursue in every aspect of our work.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We support the current protests against police violence and broader systems of injustice and inequality. 

The consequences of these systemic injustices are visible in the infection and death rates of people of color during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the mass incarceration of black men, in inequalities of opportunity and life experience, in voter disenfranchisement, and in many other ways. 

In this moment of challenge, we will try first to listen, acknowledge, and understand. We will try to own our responsibility for the ways in which race and racism reproduce white privilege and sustain disparities in social power, wealth, and safety. We will act where we see that we can act, with humility, individually and as a company. 

We will continue to support our client institutions’ commitment to creating and sustaining organizations that are diverse, inclusive, equitable, accessible, and just.

We uphold these commitments within our own firm.

We encourage visitors to our site to support, as we are supporting, organizations at the forefront of this cause, including Black Lives Matter, Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, PDX Protest Bail Fund, and the Legal Aid Justice Center in Charlottesville. We also encourage everyone who wants change to vote! For information or to register to vote, go to vote.org.